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55+ start-ups across sectors


45 up-rounds


$3.5bn+ combined Valuation


$290mn+ combined Revenue for 2020


$66mn+ combined EBITDA for 2020

AngelBay.Invest is a curated private co-investment platform simplifying private equity deal sourcing for buy-side and sell-side interests. AngelBay has around 150+ private investors including senior level executives from banking, technology, corporate and start ups. New investors are included through referral by existing members only.

AngelBay has partnered with 40+ VCs (both domestic and foreign) and other angel networks for co-investment and future rounds of funding. By including only targeted and qualified opportunities, we help our co-investors save time and evaluate only the most promising opportunities.

Investment Preference

We invest in companies from the seed round till pre-series A. Generally the valuation range varies from INR 1 cr – 70 cr with the preference for companies in INR 5-20cr range. Though the group is open to seed funding, it materializes only when we are connected to the founders for years and there is very high level of comfort. We also provide exit to non-strategic shareholders at discounted valuations. We are sector agnostic but prefer companies having technology angel. We are a distributed network and hence location agnostic and invest in Indian as well as International companies.

Based on ESG criteria, we would not consider investments in arms & weapons, meat and related products (including restaurant chains serving non vegetarian food), animal based products (like leather), businesses having captivity angle (pets or related industries) and businesses causing harm to the planet or people (harmful chemical-based business)

Investment Structure

All the investors take their own decision on the deal based on initial screening notes and discussion in the network. The investors who prefer to speak with the founders are connected directly or in a group to have meeting / video call with the founders. Every investor becomes part of the cap table. We nominate one person as the deal co-ordinator who becomes the face of the group for that investment to minimize distraction for the founders. Most of the investors prefer to invest INR 5/10 lakhs in the initial round.

Founders Network

Angel Bay has created a private network of founders in our portfolio where they discuss synergies, solve problems and work on co-branded offerings / products

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